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What Is Linkomatic?

Linkomatic is an AI app that automates creating a LinkedIn audience, allowing you to get leads and make sales. With Linkomatic, you won’t need to have a huge following to start getting traffic from LinkedIn, This tool helps you to build a B2B audience on LinkedIn to that you can use to promote your content. It runs automatically building your audience on 100% autopilot.

Linkomatic Features

Watch the demo to see it in action:

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the Linkomatic dashboard where you can set up your social media marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. It also includes a training video that will show you exactly how to scale up your results with Linkedin…

You’ll also get these features:

[+] Audience Creation: Create unlimited lists of the highly targeted audiences in any niche using filters like company, location, industry, and more.
[+] Add Connections: Add multiple LinkedIn connections with just a click of your mouse, or utilize the automation tools inside to do this automatically.
[+] Message All Connections: Send personalized messages to any of your targeted connections at once saving you massive amounts of time and effort.
[+] Message Targetted Users: Send unlimited personalized messages to your targeted audiences using filters like current company, location, keywords, and more.
[+] Get Connection Info: Get instant access to all the information of any of your LinkedIn connections fast.
[+] View Connections: View the profiles of multiple LinkedIn accounts quickly and easily.
[+] Endorse Connections: Endorse your connections and recommend the skills of people in your network right inside the software app.
[+] Like or Connect: Instantly like, comment, or connect with the admin and post made on LinkedIn.
[+] Follow Connections: Follow multiple LinkedIn accounts instantly.
[+] Wish Happy Birthday: One of the best ways to get the attention of your connections is to wish them a Happy Birthday, and now you can do this with a single click.
[+] Congrats on Anniversary: Congratulate your connections on their work anniversary using personalized messages that are sent out automatically once scheduled.
[+] Congrats on New Job: Congratulate your connections about their new job using personalized messages that can be automated using LinkoMatic.
[+] Remove Connection: Remove multiple LinkedIn connections at once saving you time and effort.

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