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Delta has a front end offer and 8 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are Delta OTO1 Unlimited, OTO2 VIP DFY Setup, Delta OTO3 AutoPilot Edition, OTO4 Unlimited Traffic, OTO5 Apex Edition, OTO6 Unlimited Leads, OTO7 ATM Edition, Delta OTO8 Magic Circle.

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What Is Delta?

Delta is a 1-click Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram app that gets you commissions from free social media traffic. With Delta, you’ll be able to post to all three of these platforms in 1-click, not only saving you time and money but allowing you to get free traffic on autopilot.

These three platforms have the majority of today’s online buyers which is why Delta targets them for free traffic. Delta creates DFY content that is designed to attract buyers and makes you affiliate commissions and all you have to do is continue posting to keep bringing more traffic.

Delta provides a way for you to finally tap in to the power of Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram without having to pay for expensive paid ads or make your own content. With Delta, it’s all done for you at just the click of a button.

Delta Features

Watch the demo video below to see it in action:

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the Delta dashboard where you can connect your WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram accounts to start getting traffic. You’ll also get a video tutorial that explains step by step how to activate your free social media traffic and start earning commissions.

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