What Is WarriorPlus and How to Make Money Using It?

What is WarriorPlus? WarriorPlus is an affiliate network that connects product creators with affiliate marketers and customers. WarriorPlus is a great platform for both product creators and affiliate marketers. As an affiliate, your job is to drive traffic to the product’s sales page and earn a commission for any resulting sales.

WarriorPlus is also a popular platform for internet marketers to create and promote digital products. Want to make money on WarriorPlus? Here are the two ways to make money on this platform. In this article, you will learn how to create WarriorPlus offers and/or promote products as an affiliate and earn commissions on sales.

What is WarriorPlus and How Does It Work?

WarriorPlus is an affiliate marketplace where product creators can launch and promote their products. At the same time, it also provides affiliate marketers with a wide variety of products to promote and earn commissions on.

The biggest WarriorPlus benefit is that you have payment system that will collect payments on your behalf when you promote products as an affiliate, create your own products, and earn commissions on recurring products. As a result, you can buy, sell, and earn passive income all from a single platform.

What Are the Benefits of Using WarriorPlus?

What are the benefits and features of WarriorPlus? WarriorPlus offers a wide range of features to both product creators and affiliate marketers. Some of the key features include:

  • A marketplace for product creators to launch and promote their products
  • A variety of products for affiliate marketers to promote and earn commissions on
  • Easy-to-use interface for both product creators and affiliate marketers
  • Built-in affiliate management and tracking system
  • Recurring commissions for products with subscriptions

WarriorPlus is a powerful platform for digital marketers looking to earn money through affiliate marketing. Even better, you also get access to a community of other digital marketers and product creators that you can connect with via WarriorPlus Facebook Group and private affiliate mastermind groups. With everything in one place, WarriorPlus makes it easy for you to get started as a product vendor or affiliate marketer with this platform.

How Affiliates Make Passive Income by Promoting WarriorPlus Products

The most popular way to make money using WarriorPlus is by promoting products as an affiliate. When someone clicks on a WarriorPlus affiliate link and makes a purchase, you will earn a commission.

The commission rate varies depending on the product, but it is typically around 50%. Some product launches even offer 100% on the front end so that you can make even more.

Recurring products on WarriorPlus are those that require a monthly or annual subscription. Affiliates can earn commissions on the initial sale and recurrent payments from these products. This has the potential to deliver long term passive income for affiliates who promote the right products.

Create a Bonus Package

To maximize affiliate sales, top WarriorPlus affiliates bundle their affiliate links with bonus offers. The bonus offers are designed to give customers something that is unique and of value that they can’t get elsewhere.

Some ideas for bonus package could be:

  • An e-book
  • Access to a closed Facebook group
  • A webinar
  • A discount coupon

Creating a bonus package for the product you are promoting can help to increase the perceived value of the product. Mention your bonuses in your email marketing and ads to entice potential customers to make a purchase.

Create Review Videos

WarriorPlus affiliates create review videos in order to place a personal touch on thir experience with the product. Creating a review video for the WarriorPlus affiliate offer you are promoting is a great way to attract potential customers.

In the video, you can showcase the features and benefits of the product and provide a demonstration of how it works. Additionally, you can include a call to action at the end of the video, encouraging viewers to click through to the sales page and purchase the product.

You can also reach out to the product vendor as an affiliate to obtain a review copy of the product before it launches. Visit the product’s JV page for access.

How to Create Your Own Product on WarriorPlus

Listing products and offers is easy on WarriorPlus. However, creating an offer that converts isn’t easy. Before making the decision to launch your own product on WarriorPlus, it’s a good idea to determine if the product is a good fit for the market.

WarriorPlus’s Customer Base Is Digital Marketers

The overwhelming majority of products on WarriorPlus are related to digital marketing. From AI graphic generators to copywriting, social media marketing and website builder tools, these are the top money makers on the platform. This is not to say that you can’t promote other products but you may have to find your own niche audience to bring them to the platform.

Paid advertising, such as Google AdWords, can be an effective way to drive traffic and increase conversions. Use it to reach your target audience and promote your products.

If you are not sure yet, what type of product to sell, start by exploring which products are top sellers on WarriorPlus. You’ll get a better idea of the look and feel of high converting affiliate offers on WarriorPlus.

How to List Your Product Offer on WarriorPlus

Once you are ready to list your products and offers on WarriorPlus, folow these steps to set up One-Time Offers (OTOs) and Upsells. The steps of listing products and offers are the following:

Step 1: Create a Product

The first step in listing your products and offers on WarriorPlus is to create a product. To do this, log in to your WarriorPlus account and navigate to the “My Products” page. From there, click on the “Add New Product” button.

Step 2: Create an Offer

Once your product is created, you can create an offer. To do this, navigate to the “Offers” tab in the product details page. From there, click on the “Add New Offer” button.

Step 3: Add your Offer Main Page

When creating an offer, you will need to fill out the offer details. This includes information such as the offer name, description, pricing, and images. Set your main page. Then add any additional pages for the OTOs.

Step 4: Set up One-Time Offers (OTOs)

One-Time Offers (OTOs) are a great way to increase conversions and revenue. You will need to connect your sales funnels to indicate upsell and downsell pages for one time offers. To set up an OTO, navigate to the “Offers” tab in the product details page. From there, click on the “Add New Offer” button and select “OTO” as the offer type.

Remember to ensure that your product and offer details are accurate and complete, and that you are following the WarriorPlus terms of service.

Step 5: Activate Your WarriorPlus Offer

Add the Buy Button code to your pages using the embed codes. When everything looks right, validate it to be sure that WarriorPlus recognizes the code. Then, click the ‘Activate Offer’ button to set your offer live or schedule it for a future release date.

Many product vendors announce their products before they launch to attract affiliates on sites like Muncheye. A future release date could also be used to inform JV partners of an upcoming launch contest.

WarriorPlus Affiliates and Product Vendors: Provide Customer Support

If you create a product on WarriorPlus, understand that there is limited customer support. As a result, you may be left to fend for yourself if you run into any issues or problems with buyers or affiliates.

Some buyers report that it can be difficult or impossible to get a response from the seller or the platform itself when something goes wrong. As an affiliate or product vendor, you can prove that you offer a trusted, reliable solution by simply being responsive to customers.

Make sure that you create a platform for both affiliates and customers to engage with your business outside of WarriorPlus such as via Skype or Facebook. This will help you to grow your following as a trusted product creator or affiliate.

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