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VoxAI has a front end offer and 8 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are VoxAI OTO1 Unlimited, OTO2 DoneForYou, VoxAI OTO3 Automation, OTO4 Swift Profits, OTO5 Limitless Traffic, OTO6 Agency, VoxAI OTO7 Reseller, OTO8 Multi Income.

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What Is VoxAI?

VoxAi is a Chatgpt4-powered app that turns any “URL, website, article, keyword, blog, pdf” into high-quality audiobooks or podcasts. With VoxAi, you’ll be able to create audiobooks and podcasts with up to 660 different voices and 80 languages… With Vox AI, you can generate content on any topic using Siri-like” voice command & turn it to audiobooks, podcasts, or voiceovers for VSL, TV commercial, webinars, sales videos, etc. To sell your creations, you can add them to Voxai’s built-in marketplace, sell & receive instant payments via multiple methods, including PayPal, stripe, cards, and bank accounts…

VoxAI Features

Watch the demo to see VoxAi in action:

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the VoxAI dashboard where you can set up your audio projects. It includes step by step training to show you how to use all of the features of the AI generator. Here are the full features of VoxAI:

  • Create Your First Audiobook Within 2 Minutes Of Joining
  • Turn Any Article, Website, Url, PDF or Blog Into Audiobook, Podcast, VSL, Audio/Music Track…
  • Create A Podcast With Human Voice Without Recording
  • Choose From 660 Real Human Voices
  • Create Voices In 80+ Different Languages
  • Comes With 50+ Built-In AI Features That Will Make Your Life 100x Easier
  • We Don’t Even Write Scripts, We Let AI Do It For Us.
  • Publish Your AudioBook To Our Marketplace With 2.3 Million Active User
  • Publish your AudioBook Or Podcast To (Spotify, Audible, Scribe)
  • No Complicated Setup – Get Up And Running In 2 Minutes
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