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VideoLeadsMachine has a front end offer and 4 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are VideoLeadsMachine OTO1 Sales & Marketing Power Pack, OTO2 Unlimited AuthorityVids, VideoLeadsMachine OTO3 VideoLeadPages, OTO4 3 Day LIVE Masterclass.

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What Is VideoLeadsMachine?

VideoLeadsMachine is a unique app that will allow you to establish yourself as an authority in order to get you paying clients and sales without you having to do the selling. VideoLeadsMachine also includes an app that automates this unique video method in order to allow you to create a steady stream of leads. Plus there is a commercial license included so that you can recreate the same results and sell it as a service to clients.

VideoLeadsMachine Features

Watch the demo video below to see it in action:

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the following training modules along with the software:

  • Module 1 – Quickstart To Your Success In 12 Minutes: How To Become An Instant Expert
  • Module 2 – The Expert Authority Formula
  • Module 3 – How to Market Your Expertise
  • Module 4 – Instant Customers: Converting Your Leads into Paying Clients
  • Module 5 – AuthorityVids Marketing
  • AuthorityVids software – Push button video creation software makes anyone look like an Authority in their desired niche (Create 5 authority videos)
  • Personal Use OR Commercial License Available
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