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SyndBuddy 2.0 has a front end offer and 5 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO1 SyndBuddy 2.0 Agency+, OTO2 DFY Indexer Platform, SyndBuddy 2.0 OTO3 My Video Spy Agency, OTO4 SyndLab, OTO5 Video Chief.

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What Is SyndBuddy 2.0?

SyndBuddy 2.0 is a social syndication software that gets you real social shares from thousands of people from all over the world in order to help you get unlimited free traffic and a page 1 ranking in Google and YouTube.

SyndBuddy 2.0 Features

Watch the demo video for SyndBuddy below which includes a case study:

SyndBuddy is the NITROUS To our Social Syndication System. This is pretty much the next layer to their social syndication platforms and actually takes things to the next level.

They’ve developed a platform where THOUSANDS of REAL users, located ALL over the globe, are ready to share YOUR content on THEIR social systems to obtain ANY URL you Want Ranked On Page 1 of Google or YouTube, FAST, and for the LONG-TERM!

And this is by NO MEANS, a NEW system.

As you saw the REAL-TIME statistics over, they’ve attracted over 5,000 users that have done over 2,000,000 shares of each other’s content!

However How Have They Made It Better in 2.0?

One-Click Auto-Sharing

Yea, they have actually currently tossed an ocean-sized quantity of GAS on this ALREADY well-lit FIRE!

This GAS that they’ve soaked this fire with is the ability for ALL customers to switch on AUTO-SHARING of each other’s content!

One thing they saw was a particular percentage of people had a tendency to drop off gradually and stop sharing content since it was a MANUAL PROCESS! They had to actually login, and share other people’s content.

With this update, we have FIXED that problem! Can you think of just how much a lot more powerful this is currently when HUNDRED OF members have AUTO-SHARING switched on?

Picture having the ability to get REAL social shares and social signals to your YouTube Videos, niche sites, clients websites, ecommerce websites or ANY link you ‘d such as

SyndBuddy Users Will Have The Ability To Obtain:

  • Real Facebook Likes
  • Real Facebook Shares
  • Real Re-Tweets
  • Real Social Bookmarks
  • Real Web 2.0 Posts

Real Youtube Views

And More!

Here are the details of the SyndBuddy 2.0 OTOs/Upsells:

The FE the main SyndBuddy 2.0 software program. With their most popular offer, they’ll get 2,000 credits to begin including content to the sharing network right now.

OTO1 – SyndBuddy 2.0 Agency+

OTO 1 is the SyndBuddy subscription. SyndBuddy is a credit-based system so here you will have the ability to lock in their monthly credits at the launch rate discount rate. Plus, they just have to put down $1.

OTO2 – DFY Indexer Platform

Here you will certainly have the ability to supercharge your projects by unlocking the DFY Indexer system to make sure that your campaigns get executed using the Backlinks Indexer account so that your syndication carries a MUCH more powerful punch. Every search engine optimization marketing professional knows the power of obtaining links indexed. The more of your submission that Google has the ability to recognize, the stronger your projects will certainly be. $67 one-time settlement.

OTO3 – My Video Spy Agency

MyVideoSpy is our powerful system that enables you to discover untapped particular niches, evaluate your rivals, properly determine just how much traffic you can receive from your target particular niches, and a lot more!

It’s the PERFECT fit so you can achieve the ENTIRE Page-1 traffic circle.

OTO4 – SyndLab

Is the big brother of SyndBuddy, which is SyndLab. SyndBuddy was constructed off of the system that SyndLab was improved on. SyndLab enables you to share your content by yourself to networks and SyndBuddy permits you to take advantage of the exchange to obtain shares from OTHER people’s accounts. It’s the most effective Social Syndiation mix. AND they’re both already integrated together. PLUS you get Agency rights.

OTO5 – Video Chief

Video Chief is the subscription website of over 1200 done-for-you videos that you can use today to start safeguarding page 1 video positions. This gets rid of the need for you to create videos by doing it for you also!

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