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PromptBot AI has a front end offer and 6 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are PromptBot AI OTO1 Premium Edition, OTO2 Max Edition, PromptBot AI OTO3 DFY Edition, OTO4 Agency, OTO5 Reseller, PromptBot AI OTO6 Whitelabel.

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What Is PromptBot AI?

PromptBot AI is a searchable AI prompt generator that generates high quality prompts from a single keyword. With PromptBot AI, you’ll get access to hundreds of useful prompts in multiple niches. When you use PromptBot AI, you’ll be able to generate effective prompts instantly that will save you time and effort in creating quality AI chatbot prompts. PromptBot AI also improves the overall user experience of using a chatbot by proving more engaging and helpful responses.

PromptBot AI Features

Watch the demo to see PromptBot AI in action:

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the PromptBot AI dashboard where you can set up your AI chatbot prompts. You’ll also get step by step instructions to show you how to maximize your results from chatbot prompts with PromptBot AI. Here are the full features of PromptBot AI:

  • Generate high quality prompt using a single keyword
  • It comes with in-built ai chatbot (like ChatGPT)
  • Works In any device mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Work in any ai chatbot like ChatGPT or or Bard
  • Generate new ideas & boosts productivity in your business
  • Generate High quality AI Images in 60 Seconds
  • Generate An Outline For A Research Topic
  • Turn a product description into an ad copy
  • Generate Prompt for detecting sentiment
  • Answer questions based on existing knowledge
  • Corrects sentences into standard English
  • Translates difficult articles into simpler concepts
  • Translate text into programmatic commands
  • Translates English text into French, Spanish and Japanese
  • Translate natural language to SQL queries
  • Classify items into categories via example
  • Convert movie titles into emoji
  • Advanced prompt for detecting sentiment
  • Explain a complicated piece of code
  • Extract keywords from a block of text
  • Turn a product description into an ad copy
  • Create product names from example words
  • Summarize

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