Online Business Ideas: 5 Tips for Making Money Online for 2023

Picture this. It’s the perfect time to execute those online business ideas you’ve finally decided! However, with affiliate marketing and making money online being so competitive it can be hard to know where to start.

Fortunately, there are still many online business ideas that are making money for entrepreneurs in 2023. Here are the top 5 online business ideas that are backed by many successful examples to consider.

1. Sell Digital Products on Affiliate Marketplaces

Best for: Entrepreneurs and software developers

Effort needed: High, especially for AI-powered software tools as they require knowledge of Python, no code, and other tech skills. Low to moderate effort for other types of digital products, such as PLR, ebooks, templates, and PDFs.

If you’ve previously created a digital product for your personal use, consider selling it on JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, PayKickstart or a SaaS marketplace. Others may also benefit from it and become paying customers.

If you can charge a monthly recurring subscription, it is possible for you to make this into a service. The result? A SaaS business that pays you monthly recurring revenue.

2. Create an Online Business Portal

Best for: Affiliate marketers

Effort needed: Moderate to high, you will spend many hours creating, curating, and updating content. Furthermore, the research required means that you will also have to use additional resources to gather the data that you need.

However, as an affiliate, your experience as you grow your online business is always valuable to your audience. Creating an online business portal that serves as a one-stop shop to newbie affiliates is a great way to get affiliate sales. It’s also one of the online business ideas that you can use to make money in any niche.

3. Use AI to Create Freelance Gig Income

Best for: Freelancers who have specialized skills

Effort needed: Moderate. All it takes is your computer and the right AI tools (e.g. ChatGPT, AI content writer, AI video software).

If you write content, design graphics or create websites, you may be able to build up another income as a freelancer by using AI. The AI tools allow you to create and deliver marketing assets quickly.

You can use a gig site such as Freelancer or Fiverr to set up your gig. Then, as customers place orders, use the AI content writer or AI video creator to generate content within seconds and deliver it to your customers. Not only will this format get you recurring orders, it also ensures that you build a buyers list of customers who may want to purchase from you on a subscription basis.

4. Create a Newsletter With Affiliate Offers and Subscription Options

Best for: Entrepreneurs, freelancers

Effort needed: Moderate, with the use of an AI content writer and email marketing autoresponder.

Email newsletters are a set-and-forget way to connect with hungry buyers and build authority at the same time. For this money-making online business idea to work, you have to build up a readership that you can turn into a membership. Whether through subscriptions or sponsorships, it is possible to use a newsletter to create recurring revenue.

Combine this revenue model with affiliate marketing by including affiliate links in some of your newsletter emails. Always make sure that you keep your list fresh and up-to-date by removing non-opens and not-clicked subscribers periodically. Furthermore, your newsletter should also include products and affiliate offers at different price points so that you can make high ticket sales.

5. Customize Existing Tools With Free and Paid Templates

Best for: Agency owners and freelancers who use these tools daily

Effort needed: Low to moderate. Simply create the marketing assets to promote your template bundle, such as graphics, videos, and a logo and cover.

Want to get free traffic? Want to build an online tool that brings incredible value to your customers? Do it on the platforms that you already use such as Airtable, Notion, and ChatGPT.

Then you can post it for free to access or download on the tool’s app marketplace. For more complex templates, you can create a sales page and post the product for sale on an affiliate marketplace, such as JVZoo, Clickbank, WarriorPlus or PayKickstart.

Online Business Ideas to Try Today

These online business ideas can help you with getting started with making money online. With just a bit of planning it is possible to get started quickly.

Talk to your ideal customers before you decide to set up your online business idea. This can help you save time by choosing the right subniche. In addition, your potential customers will even tell you what they might want to buy from you. An online quiz or survey tool that you use to gather responses is useful.

Be sure to also check out existing affiliate offers and products to ensure that there is a fit. The best opportunity to get your online business ideas off the ground is right now. So get to work and start building your online business now!

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