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NFT Exposed has a front end offer and 6 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are NFT Exposed OTO1 Upgrade 1, OTO2 Upgrade 2, NFT Exposed OTO3 Upgrade 3, OTO4 Upgrade 4, OTO5 Upgrade 5, NFT Exposed OTO6 Upgrade 6.

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What Is NFT Exposed?

NFT Exposed is a guide and money-making strategy created by James Renouf. You’ll get access to the ultimate guide to NFT’s providing you with all of the information you need to know about this opportunity that is smoking hot right now. It will even teach you away to start making your own NFT’s so that you can profit from the trend.

NFT Exposed Features

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the guide which explains how NFT’s work and helps you start to set up your money-making NFT method. It includes both the guide and video training.

Here are the details of the upsells/OTOs:

OTO1 – Upgrade 1

With this upgrade, you’ll get access to James’ previous cryptocurrency course which has brought in 7 figures for him.

OTO2 – Upgrade 2

With this upgrade, you’ll get access to 2 additional cryptocurrency-related money-making methods. You’ll then have access to every crytocurrency course that James has every created after grabbing Upgrade 1 as well.

OTO3 – Upgrade 3

With this upgrade, you’ll learn about to make money with arbitrage and gift cards. He’ll also include access to details about how he creates products, a method to make money off the deep web, and another way to get Amazon products discounted off their list prices. This is a 4 product bundle.

OTO4 – Upgrade 4

With this upgrade, you’ll get access to a Private Facebook Mastermind which will allow you to connect directly with James Renouf and get answers to your questions.

You’ll also be able to network with others who have purchased this product. Get the one-on-one support you need to build your business and get answers to any questions you may have about marketing.

OTO5 – Upgrade 5

With this upgrade, you’ll get a Resellers License to NFT Exposed allowing you to make sales and keep 100% commissions throughout the entire funnel.

OTO6 – Upgrade 6

With this upgrade, you’ll get access to a $3,000,000 secret that can help you quit your job today. This upsell has a webinar that will explain everything so watch it at the Upgrade 5 link above in order to get all of the details (58 minutes).

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