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Motvio has a front end offer and 5 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are Motvio OTO1 PRO Player Controls & Calls to Action, OTO2 GOLD Email Subscription, Roll Actions & Overlays, Motvio OTO3 PLATINUM Advanced Analytics, Pixel Tracking & A/B Split Testing, OTO4 ENTERPRISE Team Building/Creation/Managing, OTO5 Agency (4 Plans).

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What Is Motvio?

Motvio is a brand new video hosting and marketing system that exceeds Vimeo, Wistia, YouTube and all major video hosting platforms around.

With tons of valuable features, more controls and valuable analytics info about who is viewing your video clips – where, for how long and all the important info that helps you fine tune your video marketing and maximize your profits!

Motvio Features

Motvio has tons of beneficial features, including many controls and comprehensive analytics info about who is viewing your videos – from where, for how long, and all such important info that helps you fine tune your video marketing and MAXIMIZE your earnings.

It makes it super easy to host, market and publish your videos.

  • NO Hosting Fees
  • NO Delays
  • NO Buffering
  • NO Traffic Leaks
  • NO Monthly Fees
  • NO Slow Speeds
  • NO Domains to Buy
  • NO Paid Advertising

All they require to do is…

  1. Upload
  2. Personalize
  3. Publish!

Here is a recap of the features of the upsells/OTOs:

OTO 1: Motvio PRO

Control how the player looks and activate different call to actions by installing customized HTML codes, designs, banners, showing buttons, showing a carousel of eCom products, Shopify, Amazon and even more!

OTO 2: Motvio GOLD

Capture email leads and monetize your videos with image and video ads!


See incredible informative analytics concerning all your videos and playlists, access traffic dashboard, reports, engagement graphs, and additionally unlock features including FB and Google pixels, plus do A/B split testing!


Instantly create teams as you like and contract out all the work! You can appoint them roles and permissions to manage all your projects and collections!

OTO 5: Motvio Agency

Offers you the ability to run Motvio as an agency and do jobs in bulk by acquiring and managing your very own clients, upload unlimited video clips, create invoices, share videos and more! You’ll additionally be able to sell Motvio accounts and generate income!

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