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Magic Studio FX has a front end offer and 2 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are Magic Studio FX OTO1 Deluxe Upgrade, OTO2 Library Bundle.

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What Is Magic Studio FX?

Magic Studio FX is powerful and interactive video builder and 3D virtual video studio. Magic Studio FX comes with revolutionary technologies like: one-click green screen remover, immersive scene creation, virtual sets & more for attention-grabbing video creation. With Magic Studio FX, there is no need to buy separate modules and extensions software for chroma keyer, construction of interactive scenes, 3D virtual studio, video wall display & dozens of video assets.

Magic Studio FX Features

Watch the demo to see Magic Studio FX in action:

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the Magic Studio FX dashboard where you can set up your video projects. It also includes step by step training to show you how to use the features of the video studio. Her are the full features of Magic Studio FX:

  • Pro Virtual Studio Sets
  • 3D Magic Logo Opener
  • TV Broadcast Studio Sets
  • Elegant Lower Thirds
  • Stunning Typography
  • Cinematic Trailer Video Style
  • Bookshelf Virtual Room Sets
  • Youtube Video Toolkit
  • Antique & Bohemian Virtual Room Sets
  • Event / Conference Promo
  • Office Virtual Room Sets
  • Dynamic Magic Slideshow
  • Minimalist Virtual Room Sets
  • Neon Video Style
  • Hall Virtual Room Sets
  • Vintage Video Style
  • Contemporary & Modern Virtual Room Sets
  • Elegant Video Style
  • Country Virtual Room Sets
  • Dynamic Photo Opener
  • Landmark Virtual Room Sets
  • Cafe Virtual Room Sets
  • NFT Promo
  • Coastal Virtual Room Sets
  • Glitch Video Style
  • Dynamic Video Style
  • Transition FX
  • Video Conference Promo
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