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Madsense Revolution has a front end offer and 4 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are Madsense OTO1 SliderSense, OTO2 DFY Site + DFY Campaigns/Case Studies, Madsense OTO3 TrafficX, OTO4 Flipping Formula.

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What Is Madsense Revolution?

Madsense Revolution is a full, detailed video program which takes you from newbie status concerning how to set up Viral News Sites to setting up your own viral website and driving over 100,000 unique visitors & generating earnings from around the web in less than 30 days.

Even when most online traffic methods have seen a downfall throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Madsense is still thriving and more successful than ever since it doesn’t depend on other people to buy stuff. Plus it’s now even more profitable thanks to the fact that more people are on the internet now than ever before.

Madsense Revolution Features

Here is what is included with the main product:

This product was previously releases so Madsense Revolution is the 2020 revamp of this product. Here’s what’s new in this version:

  • How To Get 100k+ visitors per month
  • Brand NEW method, never shared previously
  • Free traffic + paid traffic = Easy profits
  • Faster Scaling
  • Viral news loadout: 11 most practical files for news website owners
  • 12 month action plan to help you reach 6 figures
  • New Publisher Networks (Independent of Adsense)
  • More Traffic Sources

and much more.

Here are the details of the upsells/OTOs:

OTO1 – SliderSense

This is an absolute No-Brainer as an upgrade to Madsense Revolution.

THE WORLD’S BEST WP PAGINATION TOOL That Creates Beautiful Sliders, Increases Your Advertisement CTR And Makes Your Madsense Campaigns 4X Or More Profitable.

The Only Slider Plugin That Gets You More Clicks, Boosts Your CPM and Keeps Your Income Safe!

It works with ANY WordPress Theme, plus there is no technical experience needed because you won’t need to code anything. It also includes their hidden secret to achieving 200%+ ROI with viral news.

OTO2 – DFY Site + DFY Campaigns/Case Studies

DFY site is your 1-click solution to all your website problems. With this upgrade, they will do the setup for your entire website so that all of the figure features are in place and ready for you to start earning in less than 72 hours.

With all of this done for you, they will make sure all of your viral news business is running smoothly so that you can place your entire focus on generating awesome content that attracts visitors.

Also included in this package: You get access to their DFY ads and study area. This special training area is only available to takers of this upgrades. You will get access to the various campaigns that they have run themselves in order to earn thousands.

The campaigns come with ad copy, ad images, targeting, and the exact posts they utilized when the campaigns were live. They will also go over the ads and how they work with in-depth training that fully explains why they decided to target this audience or use that ad picture.

OTO3 – Madsense TrafficX

With this upgrade, you’ll discover one of their most secretly safeguarded traffic sources that they used to squash Madsense by using MOBILE ADS + MOBILE PUBLISHERS. They will reveal you exactly who these publishers are, just how to obtain access to their networks and the steps to earning fast from them.

OTO4 – Flipping Formula

With this upgrade, you’ll get access to an amazingly beneficial course that is essential for any person who really scale their Madsense income. In this program, they’ll train you on exactly how to turn these sites for BIG MONEY on different websites.

Sites that are making $10 with Adsense go for thousands on domain marketplace websites like Flippa. Madsense Flipping Mastery can potentially 9X your earnings with almost no additional work.

This is a brand-new and upgraded for 2020 variation of this upgrade as well.

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