How Do JVZoo Sellers Promote Their Products?

You’ve got your affiliate link and you are ready to promote a JVZoo sellers product. As an affiliate, you may want to know how to promote JVZoo products the right way. Knowing what to do and what not to do with your affiliate link is the first step. Then, follow these methods to start promoting affiliate products like JVZoo sellers.

Why Do JVZoo Sellers Need to Promote Their Own Products?

JVZoo sellers need to promote their own products first in order to attract affiliates. Affiliates always look for top converting products to promote. Affiliate products that have a good gravity score, pulse score or are top sellers, attract affiliates. To get more sales, JVZoo product vendors need affiliates to also promote the products.

If you want to make sure that your affiliate promotional methods are approved by JVZoo, follow what JVZoo sellers do. These same white hat promotional methods that the sellers use to get sales can also be used by JVZoo affiliates.

How to Promote JVZoo Products Like a Top Affiliate Marketer

JVZoo sellers and top affiliate marketers use the same methods when it comes to promoting affiliate products. Here are some proven methods to promote JVZoo products:

1. Build an Email Marketing List With Buyers

For affiliate marketers, having a list to send promotional emails is a must. Email marketing is very powerful and is one of the most effective methods you can use to create recurring, passive income. Successful JVZoo sellers have built buyers lists that consist mainly of people who have purchased products on JVZoo, WarriorPlus, and other affiliate marketplaces.

Successful JVZoo affiliates use a similar approach by offering bonuses to attract customers. Then, they upsell these customers with high ticket products or promote other JVZoo products. Once a customer successfully purchases a JVZoo product, they are likely to buy others.

2. JVZoo Sellers Run Niche Blogs

Many JVZoo sellers use blogs to promote their JVZoo products as they launch. They may share special offers and events that take place before and during the launch. Customers look forward to webinars and discount coupons to help them celebrate the launch.

Affiliates can use a similar model by creating an online marketing niche blog and using SEO to drive traffic and increase rankings. In turn, by linking to JVZoo affiliate products throughout the blog content. Product reviews are another way to include your affiliate link. With AI content generators, niche content and videos can be easily created.

While a blog is a great source for affiliates to share their links, for the blog to be viable longterm, it is recommended to also place quality content.

3. Create Video Reviews and Add Your Description Link

JVZoo sellers also use YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram to get traffic to their products. By providing reviews of their own product and other top selling products, they get free organic traffic from videos and shorts. Fortunately, with the introduction of AI, AI video generators make it easy to generate video reviews on demand.

For affiliates, video reviews can be a powerful way to build authority. As people learn that they can trust your reviews, you will attract more sales. Furthermore, some JVZoo sellers may reach out to you directly and offer you exclusive coupons just for your customers.

4. Redirect Your Traffic and Links to New Affiliate Offers

Older products offered by JVZoo sellers that have since been removed from sale are a goldmine for traffic. As an affiliate, you can also repurpose your traffic in a similar way. JVZoo sellers redirect old sales pages to new ones to boost traffic. As an affiliate, make sure to always use short links and your own domains. This way you can redirect any old pages that return 404 errors to new offers.

5. Use Paid Advertising and Retargeting Ads

JVZoo sellers use paid advertising to get quick traffic to their offers. It’s important to get sales fast when a new product launches. Email marketing may take hours to days to generate many sales. As a result, using a combination of paid ads and retargeting ads could boost your affiliate sales significantly.

Keep in mind that if you use retargeting ads, you have to act early. With the JVZoo seller promoting the offer as well, customers may have already seen the ads and checked out the sales page within hours. This is why adding bonuses to differentiate your affiliate link from other affiliates and the seller is critical.

These suggestions for promoting JVZoo offers all focus on one thing: traffic. The key to ensure that you get consistent traffic as an affiliate is to have a sales system just like JVZoo sellers. At the same time, as a new affiliate you need to establish authority in your niche.

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