JVZoo Delayed Payments How to Cashout on JVZoo for Affiliates

What are JVZoo delayed payments and when will I get paid? JVZoo Pay is how affiliates get paid on JVZoo. However, when you make sales on JVZoo product vendors have a choice. They could set payments for affiliates to instant payments or delayed payments. Furthermore, there are additional payment delays that may arise as a result of JVZoo Pay.

Here is everything you need to know about JVZoo payments. In this article, we explain JVZoo Pay how it works, why JVZoo payments may be delayed, and when you can cashout on JVZoo.

What is JVZoo Pay?

JVZoo is an online marketplace that specializes in digital products. It was founded in 2011 and has since grown to become one of the largest platforms for promoting and selling digital products. As a JVZoo member, you can make sales and earn money as an affiliate or product vendor.

The commissions earned from your affiliate sales collect in your JVZoo Pay account. You can cash out your JVZoo Pay balance once the transaction total exceed the minimum cashout amount.

Why JVZoo Payments May Delayed

JVZoo Marketplace takes some additional steps to ensure that affiliates earned the sales that they made. As a result, there are fraud checks in place resulting in delayed payments. However, this is just one of the reasons your JVZoo payment may be delayed.

Some of the most common causes of payment delays include:

  • Fraud: Fraudulent activity, such as chargebacks or unauthorized transactions, can also cause payment delays. Fraudsters may use stolen credit card information or other tactics to steal money from a product vendor, which can result in chargebacks, delayed payments, and other issues. If a fraudster submits a fraudulent order the affiliate sale will likely be reversed.
  • Affiliation Errors: Failing to cookie the buyer or miscommunication between the customer, product vendor and affiliates, can also cause payment delays. Make sure to always use the exact affiliate links provided in your account. Manually give the customer the link where possible, such as via email marketing emails. This helps ensure that they use your affiliate link.
  • Account History: JVZoo levels determine your payment delay. This is to avoid new accounts creating fake affiliate sales and cashing out before the affiliate network realizes that the sales are fraud. This is also to discourage previously banned users from creating new affiliate or seller accounts.

JVZoo Affiliate Levels Determine Payment Delays

JVZoo delayed commissions are typically paid out after 30 days which is when the refund period is over for the product vendor. The vendor is then going to disperse the funds to you via your JVZoo account. In the past, JVZoo vendors may have agreed to pay directly. However, these days JVZoo Pay is where all affiliate commissions accrue now until the payout threshold is met.

What Are the JVZoo Affiliate Levels?

According to JVZoo support, the affiliate levels and their thresholds and payout frequency terms are the following:

Diamond Level – Payments released every 3 days

  • Premium Affiliate Status
  • Account must be active for one year
  • Minimum 2000 affiliate sales
  • Refund rate below 5%

Platinum Level – Payments released every 5 days

  • Account must be active for 9 months
  • Minimum of 1500 affiliate sales
  • Refund rate below 7%

Gold Level – Payments released every 7 days

  • Account must be active for 7 months
  • Minimum of 500 affiliate sales
  • Refund rate below 9%

Silver Level – Payments released every 14 days

  • Account must be active for 6 months
  • Minimum of 250 affiliate sales
  • Refund rate below 11%
  • Rolling Reserve of 20% of what you have earned in your JVZooPay account over the last 6 months

Bronze Level – Payments released every 21 days

  • All accounts under 6 months old or accounts that have never received a JVZooPay distribution
  • Has passed a new account review by JVZoo
  • Less than 250 affiliate sales
  • Refund rate above 11%
  • Rolling Reserve of 25% of what you have earned in your JVZooPay account over the last 6 months

A seller can set active affiliates to instant payments. However, the majority of the sellers will set payments to delayed payments for new affiliates (new accounts). Once you are established as a trustworthy affiliate, the majority of product vendors will set your payouts to instant payments.

However, when it comes to when you can actually cash out your payments on JVZoo marketplace, this will be based on your affiliate level. There is a 90-day delayed payment policy for new affiliates.

What Is a Rolling Reserve?

JVZoo rolling reserve is a percentage of what has been collected in your JVZooPay account for the last 6 months. As this is a rolling reserve, the amount will change daily due to the date range and amount in your account over the last 6 months.

As the amount changes and funds become available, they will appear in your available balance. The rolling reserve remains in your JVZooPay account. If you do not make any new sales, the funds held in your rolling reserve will be release 6 months after the date they are collected.

JVZoo is set up to ensure that affiliates and product vendors get paid at the same time. Make sure to follow the procedure to share your affiliate links and get credited for the sale. Furthermore, understand that as a new affiliate, your payments may be delayed automatically. The best way to find out your standing in JVZoo is to contact support.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paid on JVZoo?

It’s possible to get paid nearly daily on JVZoo once you have met the threshold requirements for your first payment. After that you can receive your funds from your JVZoo Pay account to your preferred payout method such as PayPal, Stripe, ACH transfer, and others. JVZoo Pay sends a confirmation letter of your pending payout to you. Within 1-3 business days this payout should be in your account.

Final Tips on How to Handle JVZoo Payment Delays

JVZoo can be a great platform for affiliates who want to promote and sell digital products. However, it’s important to consider the impact of affiliate payment delays when starting as an affiliate marketer. Understand that the competition and product quality will impact your success on the platform. Then, plan accordingly to make sure that you have the marketing budget needed to continue to promote products while waiting for your next cashout amount to clear.

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