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InstantVidz has a front end offer and 3 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are InstantVidz OTO1 Pro, OTO2 Template Club Monthly, InstantVidz OTO3 Reseller.

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What Is InstantVidz?

InstantVidz is an AI-powered app that generates marketing videos and unique voiceovers with a few clicks. InstantVidz allows you to keep up with the short video trend started by TikTok and Instagram. When you creat videos with InstantVidz it’s easy to create vertical videos that turn to income-producing tools as you upload them.

With InstantVidz, you’ll be able to use short videos without having to pay for creating each one or expensive monthly fees. Then just upload your InstantVidz videos using the step by step method to start getting traffic and affiliate sales to your websites and affiliate links.

InstantVidz Features

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the InstantVidz cover where you can create your videos and shorts. It also includes training to show you all of the features of the app. Here are the full features:

  • Ready to use 100 Vertical Video Marketing Templates & 100 Horizontal Vertical Video Marketing templates with 10 Niches
  • User can choose any one vertical marketing templates at a time and convert into vertical marketing video -using editing tool (Video Must be 30 Second to 60 Second)
  • Video Editing tools
  • Searchable Vertical Videos
  • Choose from any templates from search and create vertical video of Minimum 30 Second to 60 seconds
  • Create Vox and add Vox to vertical videos with Volume Controller
  • Can Add background music with vox in vertical video with Volume Controller
  • Speed Control, Trim Video, Add ready to use stickers, add image watermark, add test, add music into video, add Vox, add Emoji ETC
  • Download Videos from the APP into your system and upload on any social media channel for promoting your business.
  • Convert Horizontal Videos into Vertical Videos
  • Store up to 1 GB (FE) and 2GB (Upsell) of Videos per month
  • 100% Beginner Friendly
  • 10000 Downloadable Vertical Videos
  • 10000 Downloadable Horizontal Videos

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