What Is Gravity or Pulse Score or for Affiliate Offers?

Featured offers, Deal of the Day, Top Sellers are high gravity score products on affiliate networks such as WarriorPlus, JVZoo, and Clickbank that are receiving many affiliate promotions. To find products before they make these lists, you need to pay attention to the pulse score or gravity score of the offer. Products that make these lists are the highest converting products in the marketplace.

To help you get started with finding the right offers to promote, here is what you need to know about ClickBank gravity score, WarriorPlus Pulse Score, and JVZoo Top Sellers. We also explain why the gravity score isn’t always the best way to find the best affiliate offer to promote. Follow these tips to find proven affiliate offers to promote early.

What Is ClickBank Gravity Score?

The ClickBank Gravity Score is a performance metric used to measure the sales momentum of offers on the ClickBank affiliate marketplace.

The ClickBank Gravity Score is important for both sellers and affiliates. It takes into account competition, commission rate, and average earnings per sale (also known as average payout value or APV).

In the past, only revenue was considered in the ClickBank Marketplace ranking algorithm. Now, the gravity score also considers the other elements that make an offer attractive to affiliates, such as competition, commission rate, and average earnings per sale.

How does the ClickBank gravity score work?

Over a 12-week rolling period, the ClickBank Gravity Score calculates the number of unique affiliates who are making commissions on a particular offer, with a higher emphasis on recent sales.

What is a good gravity score in ClickBank?

For affiliates, the score is a way to uncover promising offers that are actively making commissions for affiliates. Keep in mind that a high gravity score doesn’t necessarily mean an offer is the best choice to promote for affiliates. ClickBank products with high gravity scores are likely to be promoted by many top affiliates. This can make extremely difficult to compete with affiliates who likely have large ad budgets.

Other times, you may find that high gravity products on ClickBank simply don’t perform well in your audience. In this case, an affiliate offer with much less competition might be a better fit.

What Is WarriorPlus Plus Score?

A WarriorPlus Pulse score for an offer on WarriorPlus reflects its affiliate performance over recent months. he score takes into account various factors, including the number of affiliates making sales and overall sales figures, to give a comprehensive ranking of the offer’s success.

On WarriorPlus it’s possible to sort affiliate offers by Pulse score. Generating the top converting offers with high Pulse scores tend to perform the best. That is because they are products from proven vendors whereas low Pulse score products tend to be created by unknown or new vendors.

This is a major difference from Clickbank in that it is possible for new sellers to achieve a high Pulse score with a top-converting product. On ClickBank, it’s almost always the top vendors who have products with a high gravity score.

How to Achieve Deal of the Day or Top Sellers List?

The WarriorPlus Deal of the Day, JVZoo Top Sellers list are some of the ways that affiliate networks help point out the top selling products. These lists help customers check out new products while also providing affiliates a list of top proven to convert affiliate offers.

The products of the day list is calculated as sales are made in real-time. On JVZoo, the Products of the Day are listed with the top selling products added to a Top Sellers list. This calculation is purely based on the number of product sales.

Products selected for Deal of the Day on WarriorPlus are hand-selected by WarriorPlus staff. These products are then promoted via the WarriorPlus newsletter and a banner advertisement in the WarriorPlus affiliate dashboard.

How to Find Top Sellers on WarriorPlus

Follow these tips to find top selling products on WarriorPlus:

  • Set Alerts. Create your own alerts for top vendors and keywords. Just click the “Add Alert” button and matching results will be displayed on the Alerts page. You can also receive email notifications.
  • Watch List. On this page, you can create a list of any products that you bookmark. Use this to track breakout products in terms of sales.
  • Marketplace. The Home page of the Marketplace displays a list of top sellers for Today, Yesterday, Last 7 Days, and Last 30 Days. Use this to track trending products.
  • Sort. Sort affiliate offers by release date, sales, conversion rate, visitor value, average sale, refund rate, and Pulse Score to find the affiliate offers that have the best chance of converting with your audience.

How to Find Top Sellers on Clickbank

By default, the ClickBank Marketplace listings sort themselves by gravity score. Follow these tips to find top selling products on ClickBank:

  • Trends. Target trends and newer products on ClickBank to find products that are not already being promoted by top affiliates. Then you can write ClickBank reviews and promote the offer without the fierce competition.
  • Categories. Narrow the affiliate offers to promote by category so that you only promote offers that are highly targeted to your audience. Within each Category, you will see the top high gravity score offers of that category.
  • Contact Product Vendors. Product vendors will be able to give you insights on their products that are converting right now. They have the real-time sales data to give you the insights you need on how to select the right affiliate offers to promote.
  • Skip Top Products. If you are a newbie affiliate or you don’t have a significant budget for ads, skipping promoting the highest gravity products can save you a lot of wasted time. These offers should ideally be promoted with the use of paid ads because all of the competition is using them.

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