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GO-AI has a front end offer and 3 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are GO-AI OTO1 Design Club, OTO2 Template Creator, GO-AI OTO3 Content Creator.

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What Is GO-AI?

GOAI is an AI-powered tool that creates personalized videos for high converting lead generation. With GoAI, you’ll get access to a 1-click personalized video lead generation tool that will allow you to create videos for your online business or your customers. GO-AI includes a Chrome extension infused with the capabilities of ChatGPT so that you can also personalize all of your content for your digital marketing efforts.

GO-AI also comes with a commercial license so that you can use it to create your own video lead generation agency. GO-AI also helps you streamline content creation across all platforms including Facebook Ads, Google Ad descriptions, LinkedIn Ads, and more using the built-in chatbot assistant named Maggie.

GO-AI Features

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the GO-AI dashboard where you download the Chrome Extension and set up your personalized videos. It also includes step by step training to show you how to use all of the features of GO-AI. Here are the full feature of GO-AI

  • Personalization: The tool enables users to create personalized lead generation campaigns, with personalization tokens, images, and integration with major social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Video Lead Generation: GO-AI allows users to generate video leads with a single click, and comes with integrated lead generation forms and CSV download capabilities.
  • AI Lead Generation Assistant – MAGGIE: This AI assistant, similar to ChatGPT, helps users by discussing current lead generation techniques and trending topics in real-time. It also can create digital AI artwork for social media posts and digital campaigns.

AI Writing:

  • AI Niche Script Generator – over 100 personalized niche prompts

AI Images:

  • AI Image Generator
  • Go Background Image Removal
  • Go Face Cutout
  • Go Cartoon Selfie
  • Go Image Enhancer
  • Go Image Colorizer
  • Go Image Correction
  • Go Passport Maker
  • Go Animer
  • Go AI Art Generator/Thumbnail Generator


  • Media Library
  • Pexels Stock Footage
  • Pixabay Stock Footage
  • Unsplash Stock Footage
  • AI Image Library
  • Audio Tracks
  • Texts Fonts

Video Editing:

  • Text Element
  • Square Personalized Image
  • Circle Personalized Image
  • Personalizer
  • HTML5 Video Support
  • Loop Element
  • Pause Element


  • Viral Video Sharing to over 60 Sites


  • 25 Interactive CTA Library
  • 10 Interactive Video Outros
  • 25 Personalized Animated Image LT Presets
  • 30 Interactive DFY Niche Lead Generation Templates


  • View Analytics – 25%, 50%, 75%, 90%, 100% views
  • Enable Click Tracking


  • Project Recall
  • Email Campaign
  • Website Embed
  • WordPress support
  • URL Personalization
  • Excel/Google Sheet Personalization
  • Client Folders
  • 90 + ESP Integrations
  • All In One Video Downloader
  • White Label Custom Playback URL

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