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Clikitz has a front end offer and 6 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are Clikitz OTO1 Unlimited, OTO2 Done For You, Clikitz OTO3 Automation, OTO4 Diamond Traffic, Clikitz OTO5 No Computer Paydays, OTO6 Reseller Rights.

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What Is Clikitz?

CliKitz is a NEW, push-button app that takes less than 30 secs to setup and activate, gets you FREE traffic, and you get paid each time a person clicks an unique link created by the app. Clikitz doesn’t require any kind of technical know-how, and you don’t need a website, email list, or paid traffic to make money.

You’ll be up-and-running and ready to earn money in just 30 secs. No selling involved. This app is designed to make you make money every single time a person clicks their computer mouse.

Clikitz is PROVEN to get results and make it simple for you to make $136+ daily. TOTALLY FREE traffic is built right into the Clikitz application and it’s completely newbie friendly.

Clikitz Features

Watch the demo below to see Clikitz in action:

Here is what is included with the main product:

You’ll get access to the CliKitz app and dashboard which allows you to setup campaigns and add your secret payment code in seconds. There is also a built-in image selector so that you can choose the images you’d like to appear on each CliKitz. Finally, the app includes built-in social media sharing to help you get instant traffic to your campaigns.

Here are the details of the upsells/OTOs:

OTO1 – Unlimited

With this upgrade, you’ll be able to remove all limits from CliKitz so that you can put your profits into high gear, allowing you to supercharge your results by up to 100X. You’ll be able to create unlimited “CliKitz” plus you’ll also get 4 extra CliKitz DFY campaigns added to your account automatically.

OTO2 – Done For You

With this upgrade, you’ll get 30 DFY Profit Campaigns ready to be deployed with setup included. This upgrade gives you a failproof route to start earning from CliKitz as they will choose the niches for you. You’ll also skip the guesswork as there is nothing to mess up since they will set up your account for you. If you want to save time and hassle, this done for you upgrade has you covered.

OTO3 – Automation

With this upgrade, you’ll be able to fully automate CliKitz so that it continues to pull in profits and traffic on autopilot. No matter what you are doing, whether you are working, sleeping or spending time with family and friends your CliKitz account will continue to grow.

Their team will automatically create CliKitz campaigns for you so that there are new videos and links added to your account daily. They will also autoshare your campaigns on your connected social media accounts.

OTO4 – Diamond Traffic

With this upgrade, they will give you access to their 1 million visitor traffic source so you can explode your traffic from your CliKitz products. This traffic source involves being able to add your Facebook pixel to their sales pages which will instantly give you an unfair advantage over all of the other users of CliKitz that have not turned on this upgrade. The traffic comes in 24/7 and there is no work involved.

OTO5 – No Computer Paydays

With this upgrade you’ll get access to the secretNo Computer Paydays app which gets you FREE traffic and makes you money on autopilot with only a couple of mouse clicks. This secret app is Jason Fulton’s previous launch Pockitz which he’ll give you full license access to when you buy this upgrade.

Unlike buying the app outright, this bonus comes with done for you set up so you’ll be able to start getting free traffic and making money from it right away.

OTO6 – Reseller Rights

With this final upgrade, you’ll get a reseller license to sell CliKitz as your own products and keep 100% of the commissions including on all of the upgrades. To make it easier to sell the product, you get access to their sales pages, members area, support team, and it’s fully-hosted.

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