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7682 Tests + 60 Second Leads MasterFile has a front end offer and 3 OTOs. These OTOs/upsells are 7682 Tests OTO1 Secret Tested Package, OTO2 Secret Email Mastermind, 7682 Tests OTO3 Matt’s 20 Checklists.

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What Is 7682 Tests + 60 Second Leads MasterFile?

For the very first time, 7-figure marketer Matt Bacak has released his tests of 7,682 subject lines that he has actually tested for conversion rate over the last 15 years. This product includes his 2018, 2019, and 2020 split-test data which he generated by testing against 5 radically different subject lines.

7682 Tests provides a proven method to do email marketing more effectively allowing you to to create emails that are proven to get opens and clicks. This product is ideal for marketers in the online business and affiliate marketing space who want to improve their results from email marketing.

7682 Tests + 60 Second Leads MasterFile Features

Here is what is included with the main product:

When you purchase the main product for 7682 Tests + 60 Second Leads MasterFile, you’ll get immediate access to the 7,862 email subject lines that were tested by Matt Bacak. You’ll also get access to a secret method he uses to attract leads in just 60 seconds.

Here are the details of the upsells/OTOs:

OTO1 – Secret Tested Package

With this upgrade, you’ll get 26 months of videos from Matt Bacak in which he will go over his split-test data when he first got it in his hands. He’ll explain what he did, why he tested what he did, where he got the test idea.

He’ll also reveal his new discoveries, changes in email marketing, and things he would have never thought of had he not tested it. If you want to learn what worked in the past and what’s working now in email marketing, this package will explain everything.

OTO2 – Secret Email Mastermind

With this upgrade, you’ll get access to an exclusive, invitation-only mastermind group. Not everyone is invited to this mastermind and the only way to join is to get invited by the participants. However, keep in mind that whatever you learn in the mastermind must stay in the mastermind, else you’ll be banned from participating!

You’ll learn and get exclusive access to:

  • List building Strategies
  • Effective partnering strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Traffic generating techniques
  • Free traffic generation
  • Conversions Tactics

OTO3 – Matt’s 20 Checklists

With this upgrade, you’ll get access to Matt’s “mini-blueprints” where he reveals everything you need to know to get great results from building and monetizing lists. In total, there are over 100 pages included in this package with steps, ideas, options, examples, templates, questions and more.

Here are the 20 checklists that are included :

  1. The Ultimate Email Marketing Checklist
  2. The Call-To-Action Checklist
  3. The Crafting The Perfect Subject Line Checklist
  4. The List Monetization Checklist
  5. The Special Promo Checklist
  6. The Presell Checklist
  7. The Follow-Up Checklist
  8. The Lead Magnet Checklist
  9. The Lead Capture Checklist
  10. The Types Of Email Campaigns Checklist
  11. The List Segmentation Checklist
  12. The Your First 1,000 Subscribers Checklist
  13. The Cold/Dead List Checklist
  14. The Social List-Building Checklist
  15. The Increase Your Open Rates Checklist
  16. The 3-Part Gain-Logic-Fear Email Campaign Checklist
  17. The Autoresponder Checklist
  18. The Email Delivery Checklist
  19. The Promotional Calendar Checklist
  20. The Relationship-Building Checklist
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